The Everything Coffee Enema Kit w/150 Qty Latex BPA FREE Sterile Gloves.

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The EVERYTHING Coffee Enema Kit w/Sterile BPA-Free Latex Gloves.

The Best Coffee Enema Kit You Will Every Need. This Kit Has Been Compiled With You In Mind. Busy, Busy, Busy!! Doing a Coffee Enema At Home Is Generally A Breeze, However, When On The Go And Traveling, Staying In Hotel Rooms etc., Not So Convenient To Carry The Enema Bucket Around. Therefore, We Have Included the following in this bundle:

1. SILICONE (toxic free) ENEMA BAG w/Tube and drawstring bag for storage and discreet travel.

2. FOUR DISPOSABLE ENEMA BAGS  That Lay Flat In Your Suitcase Or Bag (S-Hook Incl.)

3. LATEX - POWDER FREE Surgical Sterile Gloves - Qty 150 

4. FOUR REUSABLE RED RUBBER Noodles (these are recommended for safe insertion into the rectum). 

5. 1LB BAG ENEMA/DETOX 100% Green Coffee

Full instructions enclosed.

A link to our new and improved eBook

A link to a short video on How To Do A Coffee Enema (on our home page)

We look forward to you trying our first "EVERYTHING KIT". Remember, we are here always to help and guide you if you feel you need it!

Cor-Vital Team will help you - just reach out. 

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