Testimonials from Previous Clients of Marion

A huge thank you to Marion for patiently guiding me through my miserable “fat” days. I had battled with my weight for years. I was the proverbial Yo Yo dieter. The more I obsessed about being thinner the fatter I got, it consumed my life.

When I first met Marion she recognized the root of my problem and went to work on me immediately. With her passion for people, and her amazing insight she saw beneath my layers of fat acknowledging the thin person inside screaming to get out. I was lost and alone feeling helpless to fix myself. Marion not only gave me the body I wanted, she gave me the confidence to recognize who I am raising my self-esteem.

I continue every day implementing the tools Marion gave me to maintain my healthy mind and body. I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with their weight to allow Marion to do for them what she did for me. You will not regret it. -  Emma

When a friend suggested that I needed a Life Coach I was skeptical.

I was referred to Marion Gentry, and what a blessing. After working with her for only a few months, I was happier and emotionally healthier than I was after seeing any therapist for a few years.

Thank you for your help Marion.  -  J.P. of New York

I have found Marion to have a great ability to listen, a natural knack in aiding one to identify the problem(s) and a refreshing honesty in her communication. She has superior verbal skills. She has been of enormous help to me in moving my life forward.  -  Dr. G of Philadelphia.

Some of the qualities I see in Marion are sensitivity, caring, kindness, gentleness and wisdom. She doesn't push herself on others, and I suspect that those who are fortunate enough to know her are blessed by her ability. She is quietly accomplished, deep and strong, possessing a great sense of humor to go with it.

I am happy for the people who will be touched by her practice.  -  Melanie of California

Marion Gentry has had a major impact on my life.  With Marion's wisdom, guidance and clear insight I have uncovered layers "of me" I would not have discovered.  With her extraordinary sense of people and creative thought process I have been able to come alive again.  I lived every day with fear and now I live with renewed hope and excitement.

Marion's expertise seems to run across different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. In coaching, she is fully present, insightful and compassionate willing to share her wisdom.

The coaching by Marion has been invaluable!  I will continue to know more of my true self and hold myself accountable for how my life turns out.  My passion has returned and I will always be grateful.  -  Beth of South Carolina

The benefits of having Marion as my Life Coach has meant taking my life back in my own hands. Marion has helped me recognize that my addiction with drugs was controlling everything in my life from school to family. After being “treated”, I feel I've gained back the confidence I had lost. I am more honest with my family and friends, and beginning to get my priorities straight.

Without Marion's help I don't think I would have realized the extent of my problem, and thanks to Marion I've been empowered to stand up for myself and what I believe in. I wish every troubled person could be fortunate enough to be given the chance I was given to recognize how damaging my environment was.

People are complimenting me every day, and those important in my life have noticed a positive change over the past few months. With Marion's help I have begun to feel proud of “me”!  -  Jenna of South Carolina (age 20)

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