Q-Disc Cell phone protector - not only protects you but actually converts the harmful EMF field into a beneficial field!

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Q-Disc Cell phone protector - not only protects you but actually converts the harmful EMF field into a beneficial field!

Q-Disc 5.0 - From Premier Research Labs (Prl) NEW

The Q-Disc 5.0 is truly the Next Generation, “Smart” Cell Phone Disc. This new, thin, sleek disc is a more powerful Cell Phone Disc that works on all types of cell phones, including the newer cell phones. In creating this disc, our goal was to bioenergetically protect the cellular biophotonic communication of the wearer from all types of cell phone emissions. Through many trials and tribulations, we were pleased to finally discover the power of paramagnetic harmonic values via the use of a combination of earth-based elements. Thus, inside the Q-Disc is a proprietary media consisting of a full spectrum of highly paramagnetic elements which are then encased in our Vastu-designed, geometrically precise Q-Disc sheath.

We have found that a 30-second cell phone call can disrupt and weaken every cell of the body! We feel that EMFs will be the plague of the 21st century, like cigarettes were last century. We are already seeing a huge spike in brain cancer and we are convinced that is related to cell phone usage, as perhaps are many other diseases.

Protecting yourself is not an option but an urgent necessity. It may be the single most important step you can take to protecting your health. And it's easy!

The Q-Disk is such an advancement that it not only protects you from the EMFs but converts the harmful field into a beneficial field. So you actually receive a treatment while on the phone!

This is the next generation of the Q-Disc, updated to address the increased biofield stress output of newer cell phone and cell tower technology. The Q-Disc 5.0 converts the increased chaotic energy field effect of newer cell phones to a coherent and beneficial field. If you have 5G service on your phone, you will need to upgrade to Q-Disc 5.0 for maximum biofield coherence.

The Q-Disc is also important for its special food unencoding effects. In addition, your cell phone (equipped with Q-Disc 5.0) can be used to unencode food or other substances. Simply hold your cell phone 2 inches above the food or substance for a few seconds.

It is recommended to unencode all of your supplements once they are delivered to you. Encoded means the substance has a complex electromagnetic ‘wrap’ or ‘embed’ which collapses the natural biofield of the food or substance. Often it will make the food test weak, which weakens you. This is because if you eat a food or supplement in its encoded state, often one or more of the key points on the body’s biofield will weaken. The body must expend additional effort to digest this food or supplement, creating an unnecessary digestive burden on the body. Due to the exponential increase of electromagnetic exposure from multiple artificial sources in our environment over the last decade and especially in the last 6 months, most foods are now encoded. When unencoded, the field of the same food shoots out to its normal field and will no longer test weak.



Recommended Use:

The Q-Disc 5.0 may be affixed to a cell phone or any device with a battery. 

Directions: Simply peel off the blue backing strip and press the Q-Disc 5.0 firmly to the back (center) of the selected device. Once affixed, it may be removed by scraping off the sticky adhesive and placed in another device. However, you will need to replace the adhesive.

For temporary use, you may secure with scotch tape over the top of the disc.

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