Lean Advantage

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Lean Advantage (60 Caps)

Green Coffee Extract - True Weight Loss Power (60 Caps)

 (Replaced FatStat)

A Premier Botanical Supplement: Burn Fat & Feel Great! 

Promtes Lean Body Effect - Lean Muscle Mass and Increased Energy.


Key Benefits:

Proven, to promote steady, eficient fat burning. No harsh weight loss effects from over-stimulation of the weight loss drug ephedra.

Contains a broad spectrum of Super Nutrients, including antioxidants and special nutrients to nourish the adrenal glands.  Helps to balance hormones

and cleanse the intestines and liver.

Preserves and promotes lean muscle mass

Boost energy levels naturally


A Premier Botanical Supplement

Lean Advantage is the result of years of trial and eror research and the nutritional art of true "FAT" loss.  We believe you will be thrilled with the results.

The key ingredient - green coffee,  has been shown to break down stubborn belly fat. On the flip side for those that appear thin, Lean Advantage can break down 

those that carry "toxic fat"!

Take 2 capsules at breakfast or before 2pm or as directed by their health provider.



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