Coffee Enema Bundle Pack - 1lb coffee/Qty 150 Nitrile Latex Free Gloves/Enema Bucket w/tubes

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Qty 150 Nitrile Powder & Latex Free Gloves/1lb Gold Enema Coffee/Enema Bucket w/tubes.

$60 Dollar Value Now On Sale - That's Over 25% OFF the MSRP Price. 

Detoxing is key for optimal health, therefore, regular coffee enemas help with that process.

Your Gut can either be your friend or your enemy and we now know that our gut is our second brain.

YEARS of gunk causes us so many health issues - inflammation/weight gain/low, or no libido/migraine headaches/joint pain/reduced energy/depression/skin problems. The list goes on and on.

What if I told you that for under an hour a day you can be rid of those health issue one by one with little to no effort on your part. You even get to lay down and relax!! Lol Yep, tough to imagine you can actually begin your journey to optimal health while lying down! :-)

Coffee Enema has been around since time immemorial and was even in the Merck Medical Journey as a cure-all until 1974. The use of taking "coffee" rectally was used during World War 1 when morphine was highly scarce and used only for surgery. A nurse in the ICU unit somehow came up with the idea of adding coffee to the screaming patients enema drip. She, and a couple of doctors recognized the fact that the patients were calmer and didn't appear to be in as much pain.

After the war these two doctors went to work on finding out what it was that kept those injured and in pain patients quiet. They discovered, coffee taken rectally has a completely different effect on the body than taking it orally. The high caffeine and palmitic acid found in coffee has a "morphine effect". Hence, from that point on it was promoted to help, not only with pain, but for detoxing the liver and dumping the gallbladder.

If you have been searching for that special SOMETHING to help make you feel better, then search no more. This form of detox is being used by millions of holistically minded people all over the word. We, here at Cor-Vital have produced THE Best coffee beans for this particular purpose. It is not brown like conventional drinking coffee, but GOLD in color with a distinct unique aroma unlike coffee you are used to smelling. 


Full instructions on How To Do A Coffee Enema and a short video on our home page will ensure your success. Plus, you can reach out to me, Marion, anytime you need guidance. I'm routing for you and I know you can do it.



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